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I started my research journey in 2008 where I did my honours thesis investigating the effects of macronutrients on behavioural and physiological responses in fish. I then shifted models, using a similar framework in mice - this time, with the goal of understanding how macronutritients and energy influenced latelife health and longevity.  I spent my PhD on this topic and continue to work in this field, expanding on previous findings and asking new questions that will expand our current knowledge in the field of nutrition and ageing.

In addition to my reserach, I am also a third year medical student at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney and with the aim of working across basic science, clinical research, and patient care.


Integrative nutritional physiology

How do we disentangle the complexity of nutrition to understand its influence on behaviour, physiology and underlying cellular and molecular processes?

Biology of ageing

What are the mechanisms that drive the ageing process?



International School Manila, Philippines

High School Diploma


University of Sydney, Australia

BSc Marine Science (Honours 1)


University of Sydney, Australia


Healthy ageing

How can we use nutrition to slow down the ageing process and extend healthy lifespan?

2021 - current

University of Notre Dame, Sydney

Doctor of Medicine 

Obesity & metabolic disease

Can we delay the onset of age-related disease using nutritional interventions?

Maternal nutrition and offspring health

How can maternal diets program offspring health outcomes in later life?

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